Making new words, illegible writing.

Fig.1 A form of asemic writing – a design for sounds of conversation (Ann Kiernan 2017)

During the past few months I have been on a great journey of exploration, and I feel more excited each day when I unearth a nugget of information I had not read before. One of these exciting discoveries is the visual art form of ‘asemic writing’. This is a graphic art form of storytelling without words or recognisable images. There are some exceptionally fine artists who have used this art form. Ideally the art should need no explanations, so I’ll allow the work speak for itself.

Fig.2 Martha Dermisache – Malba retropective 2017

Fig. 3 Max Ernst, Maximiliana ou l’Exercise illegal de l’Astronomie 1964

Fig.4 Léon Ferrari,asemic writing, visual poet


The Archive of Mirtha Dermisache[online]

Tim Glaze – Asemic[online]

Asemic Front[online]



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