Watching Others Watch My Work

Fig.1 Nature in binary – Group show, Berlin (2017)

Participating in a group show is a great opportunity to present your work.  It’s an interesting exercise to communicate what your art represents to you, what compels you to create art, where your inspirations originate from and so on. To stand back and watch people spark up conversation in reaction to an image you have planned, actualised and selected, brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

This past weekend (11.11.17) brought this opportunity to me and it was a wonderfully immersive experience. Not only did I get to converse with other interesting artists from a selection of disciplines but I had some pretty awesome and interesting confabulation with members of the public.

Fig.2 Bees Are Golden – Ann Kiernan (2017)

The goal is to introduce yourself and talk about your work but that’s usually a pretty big ask for most artists. My plan usually is to try my best to involve the person with the piece, engage them in the anecdote of how it came about, encourage them to experience the work on a personal level, and hopefully make it a part of their lives. At the end of the day your art is not only about you if you decide to show it, it also has to resonate in some way with viewers.


Fig.1 Courtesy of Justin Robert Thomas Smith


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