When current becomes sound.

If change happens as a constant surely then the current can only capture a moment and then it’s gone.

Like a current in water, moving in the ocean it slips along, slightly changing everything it encounters, sometimes causing a ripple-effect creating a bigger shift in direction, other times the change is barely noticible.

This is why I chose ‘Current’ as a keyword – it opens a floodgate of possiblities for me to explore which also forces me to push my thought process beyond the obvious. The first thing I do when I begin to brainstorm an idea is to set out a mind map. Mind mapping is a technique invented by Tony Buzan. 

“Tony Buzan has always been passionate about using key words in Mind Maps rather than phrases or a collection of words. Tony states that a key word is essentially a word that will trigger as much relevant meaning as possible. So by using key words in your Mind Map, you open up your thinking and stimulate your mind to dig deeper and see greater detail on thoughts that were previously vague.” 

I like to use colour and sometimes images, I find it gives a little kick start to my creative process. Starting with my keyword in the centre I work radially creating groupings called “chunking” which gives me a good scope for ideas to form.

Radiant, organic structure – works just like your brain In a Mind Map, information is structured in a way that mirrors exactly how the brain functions – in a radiant rather than linear manner. The brain likes to work on the basis of association and it will connect every idea, memory or piece of information to tens, hundreds and even thousands of other ideas and concepts (Anokhin, 1973)”  

Fig.1 Mind map for the keyword ‘Current’ – Ann Kiernan

The mind-mapping session and resulted in close to one hundred possibilities for directions to take. Very overwhelming & exciting but mostly overwhelming.

I began working methodically through each word exploring possiblities. I made a list of materials I had to work with, a list of techniques I could experiment with and for each word I plucked from the pile I stuck a pin in my materials list and one my techniques list.

Fig.2 The methodical approach, working through each word.

I felt very uncomfortable and lost at the start and I was feeling really disheartened with my results and felt like I was trying too hard. I did not want to fall back into my usual literal style of picture making. My goal for this project, at least, is to get out of my comfortzone.

Then SOUND grabbed me.


Mind Mapping – Scientific Research and Studies (2015) Tony Buzan pg 27 Summary Report – The Evidence Supporting Mind Mapping. pg 32 Anokhin P.K. (1973). ‘The forming of natural and artificial intelligence’. Impact of Science in Society, Vol. XXIII 3. Online pdf https://b701d59276e9340c5b4d-ba88e5c92710a8d62fc2e3a3b5f53bbb.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/docs/Mind%20Mapping%20Evidence%20Report.pdf



One thought on “When current becomes sound.

  1. I really liked your article, and your poetic literary approach to visual communication. I also like your keyword ‘Current’. It is movement, and breaking, and flowing. All positive connotations , to me.


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