The Basics

It’s amazing how it can happen, how you can forget the basics. You wonder why you feel your work is feeling stale, stuck.

You spend days, weeks, months, years, chasing work getting the work, producing the work, chasing the invoices and the cycle begins again. A quiet period comes upon you and you panic – chase work harder. If you don’t take time to breathe and release you can lose all sight of why you make pictures for a living & why you love it.

So it’s time to get back to basics. To look at our chosen field with an analytical eye using research to bolster findings in key issues and developments.

There are still many illustrators and I am one of them working in a straight forward pictorial manner. My tendency to be narrative and more literal might have resulted in marginalizing my appeal. It’s time to push my boundaries creatively and embrace somewhat the latest visual fashion. Not with a plan to supplant my more traditional methods and styles of my image-making—but to offer more relevance and bring a fresh eye to my drawing table.

It’s time to take the leap and jump out of my comfort zone.